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Boarding Qatar Airways

Heading back from a trip home with stuffed luggage full of home-cooked “delicacies” and pastries. Thinking about the long six-hour flight and hoping to get an aisle seat with decent legroom. I hardly make it through the ramp, hand the ticket slip to the stewardess expecting the usual “straight right”. To my surprise, she directed me to head left “You have a free upgrade to business class”.

Somewhat confused about what just happened. I made my way to the seat and this is what I see (Pic).

Before I recount my experience. It’s important to answer the question: How did this happen?

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Qatar Airways offers free upgrades to passengers based on various factors such as their frequent flyer status, seat availability in business class, and the price of their ticket. Passengers with high frequent flyer status are more likely to receive an upgrade. However, even if you are not a frequent flyer, you can still receive an upgrade if there are available seats in business class and you have purchased a flexible or refundable ticket. Therefore, it is always worth checking with the airline if they offer any upgrades when booking your ticket or checking in online.

Now back to the fun stuff.

Benefits of Qatar Airways Business Class

A business class ticket can get you: A Long leather chair that converts to a bed. a 15-inch screen, tactile remote, a proper full-size retractable table, and a “storage area to put the extra stuff.

The best part is the ORYX labeled over-ear headphones with a physical switch for noise cancellation. I own the infamous Sony WH-1000XM3 and by comparison, these hold pretty well for a pair you get for free on a flight. The sound is decent with enough punch, the cushions are super comfy and the actual noise reduction works. I kept them on for most of the flight and It did drastically reduce the engine noise.

The entertainment list is quite rich with enough for every taste. Hollywood, Bollywood, classic, and world cinema, etc… Limited series and Coran are also on the menu.

Menus “with an S”: You get a specially curated wine and alcoholic beverages menu from all over the world. I can’t testify to the quality since I didn’t feel like drinking during the flight but the brand names speak for themselves.

As for the food. You get a prime selection of specialty dishes prepared by chefs. I ordered the cheese plate and the meat (check name).

The stewards were checking with me every so often, refilling my water, and making sure I got all I needed.

After a full meal, I felt like napping. laying completely flat was an experience in itself. It really helped me relax my back and extend my legs. Might seem random but it was quite unique to be able to lie down.


Overall experience was amazing. I felt quite refreshed after the six hours of flying. I don’t think I would be paying three to four times the price of an economy ticket but if it’s for an extra fee or even better free. It’s definitely a no-brainer. The small perks can be insignificant to some but they can really make a difference on long lights and for people with a medical condition.