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10 reasons why mac better than PC's

10 Reasons why PC's are better than Mac's


This article was written back in 2011 comparing Macs vs PC’s. I’m copying and pasting the content for context to showcase how things came along and changed from then till now. 

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PIC : Here’s a screenshot of the post. You can read the full post here.


This review is meant for intermediate to professional users who want to make the most of their money and have the most cost-effective machine possible. If you are an average consumer who likes to browse the web, write emails and Word documents, listen to music, and watch videos, then please be my guest, stick to Mac. If you can afford it good for you.

However, if you want a machine for multitasking, Video and audio editing, 3D editing graphics gaming and most of all “get what you pay for” then you need to read this before you spend your hard sweat earned money.

10 Reasons why Mac sucked in 2011

  • Macs are generally a lot more expensive than a PC.

  • Software and hardware change every six months. The life span of a computer is 2 years and shortening. After 3 years it is completely obsolete and barely runs properly. You’ll have to budget a few grands for a computer every two years.

  • You can’t replace parts off the shelves. Except for the ram everything is locked and needs the assistance of MAC “geniuses” which cost an awful lot of money.
  • You can’t build a Mac easily, and you can’t really customize them, either – not unless you want to invalidate your warranty.
  • A lot of utility plugins do not exist on Mac. This has changed a lot in online casinos over the last two years towards the Mac side and a lot of the mainstream applications are cross-platform. Regardless, developers are still writing for the Windows side more often.
  • Macs are not good for gaming. Few titles are supported by Mac but it is still relatively limited compared to PC. Nowadays, you can install up to 4 graphics cards in one machine FOUR!
  • Running Windows on a server environment is ten times easier. Windows provides a full kit to run multiple machines on a server. Macs are way harder to set up.

  • From early 2007 until late 2009. Microsoft’s operating system was Windows Vista. I have to mention this because it was a piece of junk. I almost dropped PCs during this period.. Now with Windows 7, it is faster than ever. I’m trying out Windows 8 consumer version and it’s bliss.

  • Mac Lion has many security issues. (Just Google it). They keep promoting Mac as far more secure and has no viruses but that is far from the truth. Mac’s popularity is drawing more hackers towards writing viruses. Windows are still more vulnerable However claiming that Macs are untouchable and completely safe is just BS.
  • You can install WINDOWS operating system on a MAC and you can’t do it the other way around.

Final THoughts

I think Microsoft’s biggest mistake is that they never made certified machines like Apple. Every manufacturer markets their products as efficient safe and easy to use. You can’t buy a 500-dollar laptop and try to edit HD footage on it. It is not made for that. You can’t blame it on Microsoft. You should go after the manufacturer. Every Computer is designed to fill in certain functions depending on the parts installed. When Microsoft decides to sell certified machines, most of the trash talk about PCs will end.

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