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Video Restoration Tools in Davinci Resolve


Tired of distracting dust specks, choppy movement, and unwanted objects ruining your videos? Davinci Resolve is here to the rescue with its arsenal of powerful restoration and upscaling tools! This article delves into ten essential tools that will turn your rough footage into polished gems, ready to captivate viewers and elevate your storytelling. From banishing scratches and flickering lights to magically removing unwanted elements and boosting resolution, discover how Davinci Resolve breathes new life into your visuals, whether you’re a seasoned editor or a passionate videographer. So, buckle up and get ready to unleash the full potential of your footage!

Automatic Dirt Removal

This automated tool seamlessly identifies and removes minor imperfections like dust, scratches, and film grain, restoring pristine visual clarity to your footage. Ideal for enhancing archival materials or footage captured in less-than-ideal conditions.


Addressing issues arising from unstable power supplies, flickering lights, or interlaced video sources, Deflicker employs advanced algorithms to analyze and eliminate distracting temporal fluctuations, ensuring smooth playback and enhanced viewing experiences.

Chromatic Aberration

Eliminate unwanted color fringing caused by lens imperfections with Chromatic Aberration. This essential tool corrects purple and green halos around high-contrast areas, guaranteeing accurate color reproduction and crisp, professional-grade visuals.

Dead pixel Fixer

Ensure pixel-perfect presentations by utilizing Dead Pixel Fixer. This intelligent tool automatically identifies and replaces dead pixels with surrounding colors, maintaining visual integrity and eliminating distracting artifacts from your footage.

Deband Filter

To banish those unsightly stripes and contours that can plague smooth gradients in your footage, Davinci Resolve’s Deband Filter steps in as a lifesaver. By selectively blurring or dithering pixels within affected areas, it expertly softens harsh color transitions, restoring a natural, seamless look to skies, sunsets, studio backdrops, and even computer-generated graphics. Key settings like Edge Threshold, Radius, and Post-Refine allow you to fine-tune the effect for optimal results, ensuring a delicate balance between banding reduction and overall image sharpness.

Object removal

Need to magically vanish an unwanted object from your footage without a trace? Davinci Resolve’s Object Removal tool empowers you to do just that. It employs intelligent algorithms to analyze the surrounding pixels and seamlessly blend in a replacement, effectively erasing distractions like microphones, logos, or even stray birds from your scenes. Whether you’re perfecting a product shot, removing a distracting element, or cleaning up a documentary scene, this tool ensures a clean and professional-looking final product.

Super Scale / Upscale

While I can’t directly incorporate images, I can vividly describe how Davinci Resolve’s Super Scale feature unlocks a whole new level of visual clarity: Imagine transforming grainy, low-resolution footage into stunning high-definition masterpieces, all with a few clicks.

This AI-powered upscaler meticulously analyzes your footage, intelligently creating new pixels to boost resolution up to 4x its original size. It’s like giving your videos a high-definition makeover, revealing hidden details and textures that were previously masked by low-resolution constraints. Whether you’re breathing new life into old home videos or future-proofing your current projects, Super Scale ensures your visuals always look their sharpest and most captivating.


Davinci Resolve’s Deinterlace tool tackles the flickering, jagged remnants of interlaced footage, transforming it into smooth, progressive video. It analyzes field dominance and applies intelligent algorithms to reconstruct missing pixel information, eliminating those distracting lines and judders. Whether you’re resurrecting old DVDs or working with legacy sources, Deinterlace lets you seamlessly integrate interlaced footage into your modern productions, leaving viewers with a crisp and natural viewing experience.

Motion Blur

Davinci Resolve’s Motion Blur adds that missing touch of cinematic realism, turning choppy movement into smooth, expressive flow. Analyze your footage with Optical Flow for intelligent blurs that track object movement, or choose Vector Motion Blur for direct control over direction and intensity. Find the perfect balance to inject dynamism and realism into speeding cars, fluid animations, and camera pans, elevating your videos from static to captivatingly cinematic.

Film Grain Filter

Davinci Resolve’s Film Grain tool lets you add that nostalgic cinematic texture to your digital footage. Choose from pre-designed grain profiles or customize to your heart’s content, adjusting size, density, and even movement for a natural look. Introduce subtle grain for a classic film aesthetic, or crank it up for a gritty, edgy vibe. Whether you’re channeling old Hollywood nostalgia or simply seeking texture and depth, Film Grain lets you sprinkle that celluloid magic onto your digital pixels.

Noise reduction

DaVinci Resolve’s Noise Reduction tool is your secret weapon for battling those pesky digital imperfections that can cloud your visual clarity. Whether you’re facing low-light noise, sensor grain, or compression artifacts, this tool offers a range of sophisticated techniques to restore a pristine look to your footage.

Here’s how it works:

  • Temporal Noise Reduction: Analyzes multiple frames to identify and reduce noise that changes over time, ideal for flickering textures and grainy movements.
  • Spatial Noise Reduction: Targets noise that remains consistent across frames, effectively smoothing out finer details and static patterns.
  • Motion Estimation: Intelligently tracks moving objects within your footage, ensuring noise reduction doesn’t compromise their sharpness or detail.

Additional refinements:

  • Chroma and Luma Noise Reduction: Separate controls for color and brightness noise, allowing for targeted adjustments and a nuanced approach to noise removal.
  • Detail Recovery: Preserves and even enhances fine details that might be softened during noise reduction, maintaining image sharpness and texture.

By strategically adjusting these settings, you can reclaim the clarity and vibrancy hidden beneath the noise, revealing the true beauty of your footage.


With Davinci Resolve’s restoration and upscaling tools at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. From salvaging precious archival materials to future-proofing your current projects, this versatile software empowers you to transform ordinary footage into extraordinary visuals. So, experiment, discover the magic of each tool, and let your creativity shine! Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Now go forth and conquer the world of video editing, one restored and upscaled masterpiece at a time!

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