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Ai Tools in Davinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve 18.6 is a major update to the popular video editing software that brings a host of new AI-powered features to the table. These features are designed to make video editing faster, easier, and more creative. Some of the highlights of DaVinci Resolve 18.6 include:

  • DaVinci Neural Engine: This new engine provides a 300% speed boost to many of the software’s most popular tools, such as Smart Reframe, Speed Warp, and SuperScale.
  • Audio Transcription: This feature automatically transcribes spoken words into text, saving you hours of typing subtitles and making it easier to search through your footage.
  • Audio Classification: This feature automatically sorts your clips into dialogue, music, and effects bins, keeping your media library organized.
  • Magic Mask: This tool uses AI to automatically track and mask objects in your footage, making it easy to apply effects or isolate objects for compositing.
  • SuperScale: This AI-powered upscaling tool can improve the resolution of your footage without introducing artifacts, making it perfect for restoring old footage or for working with 4K and 8K footage.
  • Object removal: This tool uses AI to automatically remove unwanted objects from your footage, such as dust motes or power lines.
  • Relight Effect: This tool lets you virtually relight your footage, giving you more control over the look of your scenes.
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Davinci Neural Engine

Offering straightforward solutions for intricate, repetitive, and time-intensive challenges, the DaVinci Neural Engine employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Specifically designed for compatibility with Apple’s M1 and M1 Pro models, this technology delivers a remarkable 300% boost in speed across numerous tools. These tools, including Smart Reframe, SpeedWarp, and SuperScale, heavily depend on precise automated analysis of motion and content, making the DaVinci Neural Engine a powerful resource for efficient problem-solving.

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Person Mask / Magic Mask

Utilizing the DaVinci Neural Engine, the enchanting mask palette employs advanced technology to identify individuals and track their motion within a given scene. This personalized mask seamlessly generates precise traveling mattes, ideal for implementing secondary grading or effects. This functionality allows for enhancing characters within poorly lit frames, as well as offering the creative option to invert the person mask and stylize the background to achieve unique visual effects.

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Super scale:

The distinctive upscaling algorithm generates additional pixels when augmenting the resolution of an image. The resulting data exhibits greater detail in upscaled images compared to conventional resizing controls. This feature proves particularly beneficial for scaling archival footage to meet contemporary resolutions or upscaling HD footage to align with the requirements of a 4K or 8K project.

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Smart reframe For Social Media:

Explore the flexibility of utilizing 16:9 HD or Ultra HD, enabling the swift creation of square or vertical versions tailored for posting on Instagram and various applications! The DaVinci Neural Engine takes the reins by automatically recognizing the primary action and readjusting the image within a fresh frame, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Moreover, you have the option to fine-tune the results to ensure precision and customization.

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Object removal:

An ideal solution for concealing dynamic elements within an otherwise motionless frame, the object removal tool meticulously examines the scene and leverages background information to seamlessly erase undesirable elements. Simply establish a Power Window on a new node, track the unwanted object, and connect it to the effect node to witness the object disappear effortlessly before your eyes!

Audio Transcription

DaVinci Resolve’s Audio Transcription transforms your spoken words into text with a click, unleashing a symphony of editing possibilities. It’s like having a tireless scribe at your side, capturing every dialogue and interview detail. Right-click your clip, select “Transcribe Audio,” and watch the words dance onto the screen. Search, edit, and translate transcripts with ease, crafting subtitles, crafting highlight reels, or simply keeping track of your footage’s content. It’s audio-to-text magic, ready to streamline your workflow.

Audio Classification:

DaVinci Resolve’s Audio Classification is like a sound-sorting ninja, automatically categorizing your clips into dialogue, music, and effects bins. It’s like having a personal audio librarian, organizing your sound library for lightning-fast access. Simply right-click, choose “Analyze Audio for Classification,” and watch as your clips find their perfect sonic homes. No more digging through endless files—this ninja has your audio back!

Depth Map:

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Dead Pixel Fixer

Dead pixels in a camera sensor will often appear as static white dots and could affect hundreds of shots before they are noticed! Click on the white dots in the viewer, and the dead pixel fixer will use the surrounding pixel data to cover them up, rescuing your footage and preventing reshoots!

Speed Warp

DaVinci Resolve’s Speed Warp is your time-bending wizard, conjuring flawless slow-motion by weaving new frames into existing ones. Dial down the speed, watch jitters vanish, and polish for silky-smooth cinematic moments. From captivating sequences to dramatic speed ramps, bend time to your will and leave viewers mesmerized.

Automatic Subtitles

DaVinci Resolve’s Automatic Subtitles feature harnesses AI to streamline subtitle creation, saving you hours of typing. Simply select your audio track, navigate to the Timeline menu, choose “Create Subtitles from Audio,” and watch as Resolve transcribes your speech and generates captions. Customize the appearance and timing of subtitles to match your visual style, and easily edit any errors for a polished, accessible production.

Relight Effect

DaVinci Resolve’s Relight effect lets you reimagine lighting in your footage. Apply it, connect a separate “Surface Map” node, and choose your virtual light type (directional or spotlight). Move the light on-screen, adjust its intensity and softness, and watch shadows shift and highlight bloom – all without touching the original footage. Think of it as a digital sunbeam, sculpting light and transforming your scene’s mood.

Face Recognition

DaVinci Resolve streamlines footage organization through face recognition: right-click clips in the Media Pool, choose “Analyze Clips for People,” and Resolve will scan and group faces into “People” bins. Enable “Automatic Smart Bins for People Metadata” to create dedicated bins for each identified person, auto-populating with relevant clips. Filter footage using the “People” field in the metadata panel. Ensure accuracy by manually tagging faces and rerunning analysis as needed.

Voice Isolation

Voice isolation in DaVinci Resolve, a feature exclusive to the Studio version, utilizes AI to isolate speech from background noise. It’s a simple one-dial interface ranging from no isolation to full separation, making it quick to enhance dialogue clarity but be mindful of potential artifacts at higher levels. While not a magic bullet, it’s a powerful tool for salvaging noisy recordings and improving audio quality in your projects.

Scene Cut Detection

Scene cut detection hunts for transitions between video shots, like a hidden editor’s sixth sense. By analyzing changes in lighting, color, camera motion, and even audio, it pinpoints those “jump cuts” or fades marking scene boundaries. These algorithms act like digital detectives, sniffing out the seams in your footage, making editing workflows smoother and video analysis a snap.

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Face Refinement

The advanced face refinement filter employs facial feature recognition to automatically identify and track faces. Utilize its numerous parameters for various beauty enhancements, including skin smoothing, rectifying unflattering color casts, and retouching specific features such as eyes, lips, and cheeks.

DaVinci Resolve 18.5 is packed with AI-powered features that save time, enhance creativity, and elevate your edits to a whole new level. Time to unleash your inner editing superhero!

Davinci Resolve Studio License:

Black Magic Design Resolve Speed Editor


DaVinci Resolve 18.5 is bursting with cutting-edge AI features that will make your video editing workflow smoother and more creative. The DaVinci Neural Engine takes center stage, providing a 300% speed boost to tools like Smart Reframe, SpeedWarp, and SuperScale. This means you can create stunning slow-motion sequences, automatically resize footage for social media, and upscale older content to pristine quality in a fraction of the time.

Beyond speed, the update also includes powerful tools for audio editing and visual effects. The Audio Transcription feature instantly converts spoken words into text, saving you hours of typing subtitles and making it easier to search through your footage. Audio Classification automatically sorts your clips into dialogue, music, and effects bins, keeping your media library organized. And for visual effects enthusiasts, the new Depth Map tool lets you see behind the scenes of your footage, making it perfect for compositing and green screen work.

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