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3 Reasons Why Mac is Better than a PC?


So back in 2011, I wrote one of my first blog posts entitled:10 reasons why PC’s are better than Mac. I wanted to convey my utter resentment to the Mac cult. The shiny bitten apple was a trademark of quality. I couldn’t hide my sarcastic tone but  I tried to be objective and not mix my feeling with what actually makes Apple a bad bargain. To my surprise, the post became hugely popular and was featured on prominent websites like DELL. The comment section generated more than 70 comments and was nothing less but a bloodbath between Mac and PC devotees. Unfortunately, my website was hacked and it was taken down.

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PIC : Here’s a screenshot of the post. You can read the full post here.

It’s important to note that my views are only applicable to the intermediate and advanced user who wants to make a living producing media content: photos, and videos. Fast forward to today, it’s almost hypocritical to preach in contradiction to my belief back then. Now the question is: what changed from then till now?

Operating System

Here are the facts, Windows in general is more forgiving and accessible. You can download and install millions and trillions of software and games from unknown sources and untrusted websites. Although that seems attractive at first, it actually comes with a cost. Windows operating system is bloated with extra code, and registry entries, and inherently slower. 

Windows has to provide support and cater to the many millions of old programs and packages that a user may install in every new Windows release. Some programs grow quite outdated and lack updates over time. 

Apple, on the other hand,  opted for the complete opposite strategy and imposed strict rules on developers. Back in 2011, Most of the utilities and Apps were proprietary programs developed by Apple. And the few third-party programs that made it through the strict vetting had to charge a premium to make a profit. People like me were repelled by the lack of choice and abhorrent cost of the program. I for one considered A Macbook Pro as a sign of wealth because of the price and the added cost to own and maintain one. 

Over time, the strategy paid off. Apple now has almost all the major apps and then some running much smoother than Windows. Convenience and ease of use were deciding factors. Windows is a magnet for viruses and requires lots of maintenance and know-how. At some point, I had to reformat my machine every few months to keep it running as it should. Apple OS is clutter-free. With fewer clicks you can accomplish everyday tasks, switching between apps, and multitasking is a breeze. Third-party plugins like Alfred, dropzone, and Alt-tab provide the best of both worlds and add in more functionality.


For years Apple was compiling PC parts into the shiny silver enclosure and charging double and triple the price. By the time the new Mac was released, the internal component like processor, ram, and graphics cards were already outdated. PC was much more appealing, building your own machine and swapping parts over time was a significant factor. I built two Windows machines, the second lasted me 7 years because I was able to switch parts every time I felt like I had to. The machine was a true workhorse and saved me lots of my hard-earned money. 

The big blow came in November 202. Hardware innovation was the main as to why I switched to Apple. The M1 Chip was a true game-changer! The arm technology that existed for years in our smartphones made the leap to the desktop computer. What does that mean? 

Arm technology allowed us to incorporate the CPU, GPU, and RAM all in one chip. The data traveled much faster between components than a regular motherboard with separate parts. Since the Chip was manufactured by Apple, The software was optimized to suit the chip perfectly. There are countless videos online of Macbooks beating a maxed-out Windows machine. macOS is renowned for its adept management of system resources and memory, facilitating seamless performance even on hardware with modest specifications. The operating system excels at efficiently allocating and utilizing resources, ensuring optimal functionality and a smooth operation.

For the first time, I didn’t feel the need to chase the latest tech or think about my imminent next upgrade.I think my M1 Pro will last me a good three to four years which is more than enough to pay its price a few times folds before I consider upgrading


10 years ago, this was not even a common term used in the tech world. We usually own a desktop or a laptop or own both if you can afford them. Even though the phone had internet access but it was not a viable option for everyday use. As time went by, the screens became bigger, and with the introduction of the iPad. People started racking in multiple devices and accessories. Apple introduced the cloud sync, apple store, and apps that work seamlessly over different devices. Heck, you can copy a text from your phone and paste it into your text editor on the desktop. Airdrop made transferring files among devices a breeze.  Apple invented new options we never know we needed. 

Since Apple was the pioneer in creating smartphones and tablets. The continuous flow of innovation made the other brands play catch up. Now, it’s true, you can get a great Samsung phone that can outperform the iPhone. Or a Lenovo Yoga doubling as a tablet and a laptop. Windows surface was also a great addition. I bought the very first version and I enjoyed using it. The issue remains till today. They are all separate products from different companies. You need to figure out ways, usually third-party apps, to make them behave in sync together. 

Productivity and multitasking are very important nowadays.  The lesser I have to think about the tools the more time I have to create content. 

All-in-One Package


The bottom line, Custom built machines will definitely catch up and supersede the Arm technology M chip. AMD and Intel are working on one at the moment. RAZOR and ALIENWARE Laptops with double screens and crazy custom functions are definitely better in some ways than the MacBook Pros. Samsung will always have an edge in iPhones and their camera system is quite unique. Unless they come bundled together and the software is patched to work seamlessly from one device to another, Apple will always have the edge. Apple devices have their own flows but they are an all-in-one package fit for most Film and photography professionals. The last two years my experience was amazing and I didn’t feel I’m giving up performance for convenience and ease of use. On the contrary, I felt empowered and incentivized to be more productive.

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