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2014 VFX Reel

a General VFX Reel including work from Nike, Disney, MTV, Marvel, Matel….I did all compositing, VFX, Motion graphics, Color Correction and editing. Some of the 3D models are supplied and animated by Abdallah Nabil and Dean Fowler.

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Avenger S.T.A.T.I.O.N VFX Reel

I worked as a creative director on an interactive exhibit for Marvel in discovery scape in Time Square. This is a sample from Graphics, 3D animation and Motion graphics shown at the STATION Exhibit.

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Playbot VFX Breakdown

I recently finished working on a spec commercial called Playbot. A dark comedy about the next generation super toy. The commercial was shot at 4K on red which helped quite a bit in post. The green screen wasn’t of much use since the robot surface was super reflective. I rotoscoped, tracked and color corrected all the shots. Enjoy.

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I Am Love By David Courtenay

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After Effects Reel

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Cinematography Reel

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West Coast Road Trip

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Inventing Shadow Full Doc

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Pentax SMC-M 100mm Macro F4 on a canon EOS Review

This is not meant to be a thorough analysis but rather personal observation:

Gear Used:
Canon 7D
Pentax SMC-M
Rainbow Imaging Pentax PK mount Lens to EOS
Reflector (some shots)

I had a full set of old Pentax SMC lenses. I wanted to demo some footage with all of them But the Adapter got stuck in the 100 mm Macro F4. The adapter works great but you have to be careful in getting it jammed in the back of the lens. Read More…

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A detailed feature by feature comparison between Final cut pro X and premiere Pro Cs 5.5
by Ali Lassoued

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