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Essential Tools for video Editors : II SSD boot drive

This is a 5 part series for the most essential hardwares for video editors.

II SSD boot drive

Unfortunately SSD are terribly expensive compared to mechanic drive but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one. I think every video editor should replace his boot drive to an SSD for these reasons:

No moving parts: Mechanic drives consist of spinning plates with a head to read and write data. The seek time can increase the wait time depending on your hard drive rotation speed or RPM. In SSD the seek time is “0”. Data is instantly accessed which dramatically increase speed. Read More…

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Essential Tools for video Editors : I Graphics Cards

This is a 5 part series for the most essential hardwares for video editors.

I Graphic Cards

The quality of the graphics card can be a deal breaker in your non-linear editing system. The GC is responsible for everything that is displayed on your screen.  The misconception is that Graphics cards are only applicable to video thus sometime referred to as the video card. In fact, the user interface of the software you have active and the operating system effects (like Aero in windows) can sometimes be draining to the processing power and memory available on your system. Read More…

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Best Computer Rig for video editing

Guide to build your own PC:
This is a guide about how to build a PC from scratch. It might not be daunting at times. This is a simplified guide meant for beginners to understand basic terminology and get a foot in the door of building computers. Most of the concepts are explained briefly in plain English. I’m not an expert but I gathered some experience over the years mounting different rigs.
The main advantage of building a PC is the ability to upgrade and swap parts to keep your rig current. The lifespan of a computer is two years and shortening. You would need a buffy machine to run application smoothly. Read More…

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Why the New iMac is too overpriced ?

I was checking the new iMac 27 inch and I couldn’t believe how overpriced it is. I know the main comments would be: they are slick and work” That’s true but you can get the same performance for a fraction of the price. My next article is a full guide for beginners to build a PC from off Shelve parts. So if this article ring a bell start with the guide to build your own machine instead.

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10 Reasons why PC’s are better than Mac’s

This review is meant for intermediate to professional users who want to make the most of their money and have the most cost effective machine possible. If you are an average consumer who likes to browse the web, write emails and word documents, listen to music and watch video, then please be my guest , stick to mac. If you can afford it good for you.

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What To Expect in After Effect CS 6

The list that folows is a summary from the adobe CS6 wishlist. Most of the features are expected to be implemented in after effect CS6.

Adobe After effect CS 6 New Features :


What to expect in Premiere Pro CS6

The adobe creative suite update cycle is typically every 12 to 18 months long. There has been a lot of speculations about the new premiere pro CS6 features. What follows is a list based on user’s wish list and client surveys.

Premiere Pro CS6 New Features :

1 – Faster performance and stability with enhanced Mercury Playback Engine – Work dramatically faster thanks to sweeping performance and stability enhancements in Adobe Premiere pro CS6. Open projects faster, scrub through HD and higher-resolution footage more fluidly and playback complex long-format and effects- heavy projects more reliably. Read More…



A detailed feature by feature comparison between Final cut pro X and premiere Pro Cs 5.5
by Ali Lassoued

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After two years of pure anticipation, a bragging session at NAB and countless fans calling for the great MAC GODS to release their favorite NLE system . Final cut pro X is finally out and WHAT A WASTE.

the new “Fisher price” non -linear editing system was i-movied to the teeth. what follows is a list of things that you have to consider before upgrading :

1- FCPX cannot open projects from previous versions like FCP 7

2- DVD studio pro, Color, soundtrack pro, are GONE except some basic features that they included in FCPX.

3- Motion 5 and compressor 4 are sold separately and function as a completely separate blackjack online stand-alone programs with no-integration whatsoever. Read More…